Track Record

Important Information and Disclaimer:

The track record shown here is the personal trading track record for Smita over 1998-2010. This unaudited track record does not account for taxes, and includes interest income from money market accounts on cash balances. The S&P500 returns shown here do not include dividends, which have averaged around 2% per year.

The track record shown here is for informational purposes only. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. In particular, this track record is not meant to imply that strategies or techniques described on this website via videos, articles, or other content can be used to replicate or in any way resemble these results. No warranty or guarantee, direct or implied, is made via the display of this track record. None of the content should be construed as individual or personal advice by anyone visiting the website or receiving the emails or otherwise accessing any of the content.

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Our Philosophy

Our active investment and trading philosophy is driven by the following goals:

  1. Protect capital.
  2. Grow capital on a risk-adjusted basis (target growth above S&P500 returns).
  3. Gain an edge by focusing on a combination of : Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Strong Money Management techniques

Our Results

Track record of superior results in personal short-term trading:

  1. Compounded annual returns of approx. 39% between 1998-2010
  2. Strong money-management discipline limited downside through years of market turmoil.

Two periods of comparison are shown vs. S&P500. The first is 1998-2010 and the second is 2001-2010. In each case, the growth of $100 at the start of the period is tracked.

Relative Performance vs. S&P500: 1998-2010

Relative Performance 1998-2010


Relative Performance vs. S&P500: 2001-2010

Relative Performance 2001-2010